Thursday, October 25, 2012

Do You Like Scary Movies?

As I get older I find myself more and more not liking to be scared but with Halloween under a week away you can't help but want to be just a smidgen. I am sure you all are loving the overload of horror flicks presented on television, I know I am, well certain ones. :)  Although I am a huge wimp and usually scare the crap out of myself, I still have this urge to want to be scared. Can anyone else relate? Why do we do this to ourselves?

 The scariest movie for me has to be The Exorcist. Even thinking about it right now I am creeping myself out. Any movie that deals with being possessed or exorcisms I cannot shake off right away. I think they scare me so much because I firmly believe that possession is real and can happen. I remember seeing the Exorcist for the first time and I couldn't have been older than eight or nine. I was undoubtedly scared and probably had a few nightmares and slept with my parents (we all have done that at some point haha). However, every year around Halloween I would watch it, sometimes even alone, and I would get really scared but then be over it. Now that I am twenty-six, I refuse to watch that movie! I have no idea what happened to me but I cannot endure to watch it anymore! I find myself staying up all night and seeing things that aren't even there haha! Some other movies that really frighten me are: The Exorcism of Emily Rose, after seeing this movie in the theater at the age of eighteen I slept with my light on for days and had my mom sleep with me that same night.:)  Amityville Horror, watched this one with one of my oldest and closest childhood friends when we were like eight years old and The Omen, especially now that I have a son, ahhhh!

 My list can go on and on, but at any rate, I still like to enjoy some of the classics like Halloween, Carrie, and Psycho. I also feel as though horror films are a lot less scarier than they used to be. Do you agree/disagree? What are some of your favorite scary movies and stories? I would love to hear about them! Happy Halloween !

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